5 Other Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

For some SEO operations, I use plugins that do certain things instead of extensive SEO plugins. I like these types of plugins because they are much easier to use. Sometimes, I also turn off some functions of the wide-ranging plugins and prefer these little plugins instead. Because a plugin focused on a particular subject can sometimes work better than large plugins. I have witnessed such situations many times. When you examine the WP plugins below, you will get a better understanding of what I mean.

We don’t have any uncertainty that Yoast SEO is the most popular and most suggested WordPress SEO plugin out there. In any case, we think there is an argument to be made that Yoast should not be the default plugin in all situations. So keeping that in mind, we will spend this post investigating the best WordPress SEO plugins. Note that I’m going to concentrate on all-in-one SEO arrangements, rather than plugins that offer small tweaks.

There are two main types of clients; the novices and pros. Any great SEO plugin should have the option to handle both. Be that as it may, some place a greater amount of an emphasis on one group than the other. For example, Yoast incorporates a simple startup guide and notifications, whereas some other SEO plugins simply walk out on you straight.

So when you pick your SEO plugin, make sure to go with one that approaches SEO such that accommodates your situation. Alright, we should experience the SEO plugins we picked in more detail.

1. SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly is marketed for people who aren’t SEO experts. It lives up to that claim by offering a complete SEO suite with no complicated components. SEO Squirrly generates SEO recommendations uniquely in contrast to the next plugins we’ve already outlined. You start by typing in your article topic. The ideal catchphrase is also punched in with the goal that when you keep composing your substance, a progression of green lights is activated in real-time. It’s almost like you have an expert whispering into your ear as you’re composing.

Features That Make SEO Squirrly a Great Choice:

  • The watchword optimization is done as you’re composing the article. This is a little easier than Yoast where you regularly have to save the article to see proposals and results.
  • If you plan on replacing an old SEO plugin for WordPress with Squirrly, despite everything it keeps all of your settings from the previous setup.
  • There’s an instrument that analyzes your competition to perceive how you can outrank it.
  • Squirrly incorporates content reports, which you can send to others in your organization. For example, an author may need to learn progressively about SEO, so you may send it to them after they compose an article.
  • You get progress checking on a week after week basis, along with a solid device that shows late tweets about your topics. This provides both inspiration and ways to improve your content.

Download The Plugin on WordPress.org:

2. Broken Link Checker

SEO isn’t just about filling your pages and posts with a significant number of catchphrases. It’s also not just about making your substance readable. One way to make your way past the competition is to experience your site to evacuate any messed-up links. At the point when Google sees a messed up link (aka a link that leads to a 404 page,) it considers this to be a not exactly desirable client experience. After all, your clients have no enthusiasm for landing on an empty page.

The main problem is that it may take you hours or days to filter through all your substance to locate each and every wrecked link. Enter the Broken Link Checker.

This jewel does the grimy work for you by scanning through your blog entries and pages. All wrecked links are revealed inside a couple of moments. The list is populated with the links being referred to, so you can proceed to expel them completely or change them to better references. On the off chance that you keep the plugin active it keeps on searching your site and inform you when a link breaks.

After the links have been amended the list will be empty and Google sees that you maintain your site very well.

Important: Due to the constant scanning functionality of this plugin, we prescribe enabling it, experiencing and fixing your links in batches, and then disabling it again. This will guarantee it doesn’t impact the performance of your site.

Features That Make Broken Link Checker a Great Choice:

  • You don’t have to go to the post or page to change the messed uplink. All link modifications are done through the plugin’s primary page.
  • The WordPress SEO plugin has an option for searching and separating links.
  • It’s not just for finding broken links in posts and pages. The plugin screens remarks, custom fields, and more.
  • Missing images and diverts are also identified basically, anything that may confound a reader and make Google look less favorably on your website.
  • There’s an optional feature for preventing search engines from following the links that are broken on your site.

Download The Plugin on WordPress.org:

3. Rel NoFollow Checkbox

When linking to different pages and sites, it’s important to realize that those links mean something to Google. The search engine wants to know the quality of those links along with the quality of the links returning to your site. The reason for this is because, in the event that you have several links leading to spammy destinations, Google considers this to be manipulative and unhelpful to clients. This plugin is perfect for those of you with affiliate links.

One way to make sure your links aren’t harming your rankings is to add “rel nofollow” attributes to all external links. Thusly, the link doesn’t impact the ranking of the external site. To put it plainly, it scares away advertisers who value those links for rankings.

Unfortunately, it’s a pain in the butt to go in and add “rel nofollow” tags to all links in your substance. Be that as it may, the Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin provides an extra checkbox to mark when creating links in WordPress.

Underneath the “Open a link in another window/tab” checkbox, you’ll also discover a “rel nofollow” option, which eliminates the time you would have to spend working through the HTML.

Features That Make Rel Nofollow Checkbox a Great Choice:

  • It’s lightweight so your site remains speedy.
  • You have the opportunity to support your SEO without spending an extraordinary amount of time filtering through HTML (to discover your links and add a little piece of code).
  • It makes the process a lot easier for non-coders.
  • Perfect plugin for affiliate marketers
  • The installation doesn’t take over a moment or two, and there aren’t any settings that should be configured.
  • You can rapidly experience visitor posts, or articles composed by your essayists, to guarantee that they aren’t attempting to market certain products or companies without your permission.

In case you’re an affiliate marketer, you may also want to look at a free link shortener plugin, such as Pretty Links, which can automatically add the nofollow attribute to your links.

Download The Plugin on WordPress.org:

4. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are visual search components, for example, star rankings, images, and other important details that may grab client attention by having something else than the regular search results. Rich snippets are frequently utilized for eCommerce product page results and blog entry audits. Google appreciates rich snippets because they aren’t all that meddlesome, yet still able to reveal valuable information to the client.

There’s no worked in strategy for presenting rich snippets with WordPress, yet the All in One Schema Rich Snippets plugin takes the necessary steps for you.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets WordPress plugin

With the plugin, your search engine results are chopped down to the most important components. In addition, clients see everything from photos to star ratings to author avatars.

Features That Make All in One Schema Rich Snippets a Great Choice:

  • Google searches provide an increasingly visual structure for the clients. Google likes this and so do the users.
  • The plugin supports several types of substance including occasions, audits, people, products, recipes, and recordings. In this way, for instance, a recipe may have a star rating, the number of surveys, and a photo of the food.
  • Your search results are easier to share on Facebook since the proper information is already compiled.

On the off chance that you don’t have surveys on your site and simply need an increasingly lightweight plugin, we also suggest looking at the free Schema plugin.

Download The Plugin on WordPress.org:

5. WordLift

WordLift is a WordPress plugin that utilizations AI to bring advanced SEO in the hands of substance editors and marketers. This plugin helps you organize your substance while automating organized data markup. On top of that, WordLift improves content findability by adding internal links, recommendation gadgets, and semantic-rich metadata. Plans start at €59 per month ($65/month).

By taking advantage of this plugin, you could also start translating your articles and pages into a machine-accommodating substance that search crawlers, chatbots, and personal digital assistants — like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa — can utilize and understand to increase your organic traffic.

Features That Make WordLift a Great Choice:

  • First utilizing natural language processing and information graphs for automating organized linked data markup.
  • Uses WooRank’s innovation to help you track the performance of your substance and provides relevant advice on the most proficient method to optimize your website.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics.
  • Some clients of this plugin are: Airbnb, Amazon Audible, Greenpeace, Merck Group, TheNextWeb.

Download The Plugin on WordPress.org: